NBA Top Shot: The Next Big Thing?

Have you ever spent money on a free video highlight clip that you can find on Twitter or Youtube? In the past month, I have done this, and done this again, and then another time, and a bunch of times after that. “NBA Top Shot” (BETA) has been a mild(?) recent obsession of mine for the past month or so. Essentially it is a website that allows you to collect authentic serialized clips of NBA highlight plays.

Back and Forth About Timberwolves vs. Clippers

Who should I be looking out for tonight? What matchups excite or worry you? And have you already started looking towards the team that might be, or do you still have some hopes for the Timberwolves of now? Rooting for your guys tonight and hoping we get a competitive one.

Can Anyone Dethrone The King and His Lakers?

After returning the Larry O’Brien to LaLa land last season, the Lakers look like the prohibitive favorite to retain the trophy in the early part of this season. Led by the seemingly indestructible LeBron James, flanked by the versatile Anthony Davis, and reinforced by a supporting cast both new and old, the Lakers have flown out of the gate and currently sit third in league standings with a 16-win 6-loss record. Championship hangovers are a real thing, and much was made of the Lakers having the shortest off-season in league history — so how are they doing this?

Has Winter Finally Come to The North?

Most pundits had the Raptors locked in for another playoff berth in 2021. After climbing the mountain to claim the franchise’s maiden championship in 2019 and mounting an admirable title defence last season, it seemed logical that the top-class institution in “The North” would make another return to the postseason this year. However, the Raptors are sitting at two wins and eight losses through 10 games which begs the question, has winter finally arrived in the North?

Opening Night Communications

As Opening Night of the 2020-21 NBA season tipped off, Sam Johnson and Joe Tevelowitz engaged in an email back-and-forth to discuss the games, the league and the presentation. What follows is that conversation.

Get Excited

Seven NBA teams will allow reduced crowds inside their arenas for the 2020-21 NBA season. Meanwhile, I have not allowed a friend in my home in over nine months. That leads to the duality of feelings as this season opens – happiness to watch basketball again, mixed with the fatigue of this pandemic-caused quarantine. For a short while, the NBA shut down the same way I shut down. Now they open, while things on my home front still remain closed, for now. Hope is around the corner, sure, but Christmas Day will come with games to watch, but no extended family to watch those games with. A small complaint in a year filled with bigger issues.