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Chandler’s Gambling Corner: Best Bets for October 22-23

The NBA season is finally back.  It was a very eventful offseason; we saw superstars change teams, LaVar Ball come out of hiding, and Boban Marjanovic become a movie star.  This will begin my series of sharing my bets I like, once or twice a week. Today we will be looking at the first two days of the NBA regular season.  I will be assuming $100 for every bet and I will keep a running total for the year.  

Enough chit-chat.  Let’s talk money. 

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Bet #1:

Under 119.5 points for Toronto at -115 odds:  Last year the Raptors averaged 114.4 points per game.  They lost a top-three player in the league, who was also their best scorer, in Kawhi Leonard and they also lost their best off-ball shooter in Danny Green.  Pascal Siakam will be stepping into a featured scoring role and while they will likely be a good offensive team, I would not expect them to score 120. Plus, they will likely be relying on ball movement to score, that takes more time.  Lastly, to hammer the point down, there is just a lot more scenarios where they score less than 120 than more.  

Bet #2: 

Detroit to cover the spread at Indiana for -110 odds:  The Pacers are favored by 5 points at home against the Pistons.  This bet is based on continuity and the fact that I think the Pistons are the better team.  The Pacers are working in a lot of new pieces and they lack an elite creator. It is almost a guarantee their offense will be ugly, and they will struggle to get quality shots.  Factoring all of that in and the fact that the Pistons have the 5-point cushion, I’m taking the Pistons to cover.  

Bet #3:

Sacramento to cover the spread against Phoenix for -105 odds:  The Kings are favored by two points against the Suns.  This bet is like the last one in that I am betting on what I view as the superior team and continuity.  I view the Kings as a far better team and their only changes are adding solid vets in to their core. The Suns have a lot of new players and will likely be better, but I am taking the Kings on this one.    

Bet #4:

Parlay of the week: Orlando to cover the spread against Cleveland for -115 odds; Chicago to cover the spread against Charlotte for -115 odds, putting the final payout at $349.53.  For this to hit, the Magic need to win by more than 8 and the Bulls need to win by 3 or more.  The Magic are an elite defensive team and around average on offense, they will shut down the Cavs offense no question.  The Cavs are also an atrocious defensive team, and on top of that, the little defensive talent they have does not match up well against Orlando.  Who is going to guard Vooch? Who is going to guard Aaron Gordon? I expect the Magic to win big at home.  

The Bulls are going to be in the hunt for the playoffs and the Hornets will be one of the worst teams in the league.  The Hornets don’t have anyone who can slow down Zach LaVine or Lauri Markkanen. The Bulls are equipped to defend with quality defenders at every position to defend Hornets best scorer……….. Terry Rozier?  Yikes. Bulls by 90.

Chandler Harper
Former college basketball player at LaGrange College. NBA writer and basketball trainer.

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