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The Open Shooter: How Low Will The Cavs Shoot?

Wins…where are they?

This season will be rough…very rough. The Cavaliers are bringing in a new head coach, with zero NBA experience, to help transform the culture and implement a player-development system. This doesn’t happen in one training camp. Don’t get me wrong, this team is going to be fun to watch, whether it be the new Sexton-Garland backcourt or the mind-bending skills of Porter Jr.

(Video courtesy of: SLAM HIGHLIGHTS)

The roster is full of young bloods who are still learning the X’s and O’s of the NBA and have yet to be fully developed. Most teams are “going to pounce” on the Cavs youth and the relative inexperience of both the players and the coach. Additionally, the Cavaliers 2020 first round pick will go to the Hawk if it drops out of the top 10, so there is almost an incentive to be not just bad, but really bad. With the team still early on in their rebuilding, it’s easy imagine Cleveland going the tanking route and targeting a stud in LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman.

The Current Vegas Win Total for the Cavs is: 24.5 – this seems about right.

My Prediction for Cavs record: 23-59

Time to let you go Kevin

“There’s a real possibility that Kevin Love will be traded this season” – ever hear this before? Yearly occurrence, right? Trust me, this is the season in which Love will finally be moved.

One thing to note is that Love’s trade value has regressed over the years and what teams will offer for him is not close to the Cavalier’s own valuation. So why would the Cavs move him?


The Cavs are a young rebuilding team who are in major asset-acquisition mode. The team would ideally like to flip any contract that teams would value. Love’s contract itself lasts until 2023, providing any team who trades for him some stability at the PF position. Being only 31 years of age, it’d be hard to imagine Love not generating any interest. Many teams like the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets are on the brink of true title contention in a wide-open league. Adding a past All-Star who can stretch the floor and grab boards won’t hurt at all.

The Cavaliers also start this season with a chest full of expiring contracts,all holding some sort of value as the trading deadline nears. Jordan Clarkson, one of the best sixth-men in the league, will be one of the primary targets of playoffs teams due to his natural ability to put the ball in the hoop. The current longest tenured Cavalier, Tristan Thompson, will also be a point of discussion for many teams due to his relentless rebounding ability — a skill hard to find in today’s perimeter-first league.

Young Bull breaks out the cage

(Video Courtesy of: House of Highlights)

Second year guard, Collin Sexton is destined for a breakout season. After averaging close to 17 points and three assists per game last season, the “Young Bul” is destined to make strides in becoming a more complete guard. With the help of a player-development coach in John Beilein and his new backcourt mate Darius Garland, the game is only going to get easier for Sexton. 

Last season, Collin Sexton struggled to consistently make the correct basketball play and, as a result, didn’t have the greatest average assist rate, obviously disappointing considering he was in the top-four in usage rate among all the rookies. Playing alongside another playmaker, who can shoot lights out in Garland, will only open up the floor for Sexton to get easy buckets or to find the open shooter. Playing under John Beilein, a coach who excelled at developing young players in college, will further take Sexton’s game to the next level by teaching him how to effectively play the PG position.

Expect Collin Sexton to average close to 20points/5+assists next season!

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