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Chandler’s Gambling Corner: Week 2.5 Picks

Luck has not been on our side.  We’ve experienced the Bulls blow three double-digit leads that have cost us each time.  Damian Lillard went insane in the fourth quarter and caused the over/under to miss by one point in the Blazers-Spurs game.  The Sixers were ice cold and were not able to beat the Hawks by enough to cover the spread and Phoenix continued their streak of teams being ice cold on open shots in their victory over the Jazz.  

We are now 0-8 and down $800.  

But basketball is a game of runs, so we’re due for a big night.  

Like always, all lines pulled from

Bet #1: Indiana to cover the spread against Cleveland for -114 odds.  Indiana is a significantly better team and they now have Jeremy Lamb back.  Indiana is full of slightly above-average scorers who should eat against Cleveland’s horrible defense.  Plus, Indiana is at home, they should cover relatively easily.   

Bet #2: Chicago money line against Detroit.  I hate to bet on Chicago again, but they are a better team than the Blake Griffin-less Detroit Pistons.  Plus, they match up well and they are the home team. Please don’t ruin this again Chicago.  

Bet #3: Los Angeles Lakers to cover the spread at Dallas for -112 odds.  This bet is me going with the better team and looking at the fact that Dallas doesn’t have anyone who matches up with LeBron James.  I also think Anthony Davis is the perfect defender to have for Kristaps Porzingis.  

Bet #4: San Antonio to cover the spread at Golden State.  This is my favorite bet for the night.  The Spur’s elite defenders should lock down D’Angelo Russell and the rest of the Warriors roster.  Plus, this is the type of team DeMar DeRozan will feast against. And lastly, this Warriors team is very bad without Steph Curry; San Antonio is a significantly better team.  

Bet #5:

Parlay of the week #2: Indiana money line, Milwaukee money line, and San Antonio to cover the spread, putting the final payout at $402.89.  I’m keeping it simple with this one.  Like mentioned earlier, I really like Indiana to win.  I am switching to the money line to remove some of the risk.  The same goes for Milwaukee. I’m confident they both cover their spread, I’m just choosing to play this one a little safer.  Finally, San Antonio might be my lock for the night.  

Chandler Harper
Former college basketball player at LaGrange College. NBA writer and basketball trainer.

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