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Chandler’s Gambling Corner: Week 3.5 Picks

Welcome back basketball and betting fans for some Friday picks! After going 2-2 earlier this week, we are now 6-10-1 and down $276.38. Had the Blazers taken the replacement Warriors a little more serious, we would have gone 4-0 earlier this week, including our parlay. We would be looking at being significantly positive right now. However, we are still one good day away from making some profits. 

Like always, all lines pulled from

Bet #1: Cleveland at Washington under the point total for -105 odds. The Wizards’ points per game average is inflated because of their 158 points scored in their loss to the Rockets. The Cavs are only averaging 106.1 points per game. The under total for this game is 233. I think oddsmakers failed to account for the Wizard’s inflation in this total. Plus, both teams are simply not good, there are more scenarios where this game finished under that total than over. Hammer the under. 

Bet #2: Sacramento to cover the spread in Atlanta for -111 odds. This bet stems from the Kings being a significantly better team. They started slow, but there is evidence that was related to their India trip in the preseason. They have won two of their last three and most of their losses this year have been to teams better than the Hawks. This will be a good guard matchup between the two teams, but the Kings should have the advantage due to their guard’s better defensive ability. 

Bet #3: New Orleans money line against Toronto for +140 odds. These teams have already met once this year in Toronto — the Raptors took the game in overtime. These are two similarly skilled teams and I am simply predicting the home team to take the game again, plus I like +140 payout. 

Bet #4:

Parlay of the week #2: Cleveland/Washington under point total, Sacramento money line, and Orlando money line over Memphis, resulting in a final payout of $454.23. I am very confident in the under hitting for the Cleveland/Washington game so it will be included with the parlay. I switched to the Sacramento money line for a little bit more security. Lastly, I added the Orlando money line. They are favored by seven points, but the money line payout is -280 — not horrible odds. The Magic are significantly better than Memphis and they are at home. 

Chandler Harper
Former college basketball player at LaGrange College. NBA writer and basketball trainer.

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