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Scouting Report: Anthony Edwards

Freshman @ University of Georgia

Last played at Holy Spirit Prep

From Atlanta, Georgia

D.O.B: 8/5/2001

Shooting Guard



#4 in HS class of 2019 per RSCI

#1 projected in 2020 NBA Draft per my mock draft (v1.0)

Stats at a Glance

Under Armor 17U Circuit – Atlanta XPress


(note: statistics are per game)


  • Powerful in straight line drives
  • Will be the best athlete on the floor for every college game this season (perhaps aside from the matchup with Memphis and James Wiseman)
  • Can hit 3’s from beyond NBA range, with an impressive lower body gather that allows him to launch his shot from 30+ feet without sacrificing shot technique
  • Shows inspiring moments of passing vision, both in transition and in the half-court
  • Unselfish player – even in crunch time and high-pressure moments, Edwards is prone to move the ball to high school teammates that are clearly far less skilled than him


  • Questionable long-term decision making
  • Inconsistent though enticing 3PT shooting touch. Poor FT% is an indicator of inconsistent shooting touch, and Edwards only made 36 of 62 attempts over his 8 senior year AAU games, totaling 58.3% from the line – dreadful for a guard
  • Speaking to the above point, Edwards is a weak FT shooter with an inconsistent form that needs to be further refined. I don’t doubt he can and will do so, but until he does, his driving ability is a much less efficient tool
  • Shows no interest in defense for vast swaths of the game, though he does flash some ability to get in a stance down the end of close games


  • Possesses athleticism that could be elite even amongst the best of the best in the NBA
  • Shows great flashes as a facilitator that makes picturing him as more than a shot creator much more tempting
  • Lower body strength will allow him to shoot 3’s from deep range even by NBA standards, and could be a deadly stretch weapon if his consistency with the shot develops
    • Look too for him to refine the stepback 3 – he attempted it at times in high school, but clearly needs much more practice to utilize it consistently. As he gets more and more reps, look for Edwards to explore new ways to get his 3PT shot off


  • Lack of defensive instincts combined with a lack of interest could make him an exploitable target, especially by experienced P&R ball-handlers
  • Needs to be at least a 70% free throw shooter, or NBA teams will hack him every time he goes to the rim. Becoming a reliable FT shooter will force teams to hesitate on occasion before slamming into him at the rim
  • Will have to shore up his decision-making to become a primary ball-handling option. While his flashes of vision and distribution are exciting, Edwards will have to improve his lead guard skills tremendously to be worth building a long-term NBA offense around
  • Not sure he can be worth a top-3 selection if he doesn’t develop into a primary ball-handler; though I like his off-ball ability as a shooter, it is not where he shines

NBA Team Fit

Best Fit – a team lacking in shot creation yet with ample shooting

  • Orlando Magic
  • Washington Wizards
  • Phoenix Suns

Worst Fit – a team with a clearly established long-term #1 option on offense

  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Dallas Mavericks

Ideal Teammates

PG  | Combo guard who can shoot from all over and run some P&R

SG  | –

SF  | Strong off-ball wing shooter

PF  | Effective facilitator who can shoot consistently from the corner

C    | Strong screen setter with the ability to roll or pop after a pick

Archetype Grades

Volume ScorerEfficient Scorer
3PT ShooterEffective Distributor
Versatile Shot CreatorPrimary Initiator
On-Ball Perimeter DefenderOff-Ball Perimeter Defender
Multi-Positional DefenderPick & Roll Defender
Defensive PlaymakerRim Protector
Effective RebounderElite Awareness
Elite TouchQuick Instincts
Floor GeneralUntapped Potential

Edwards is a consensus projected top-3 pick, with many analysts predicting him to be the #1 overall pick in the upcoming 2020 NBA draft. Though he was a late riser through the rankings, Edwards comes into the 2019-2020 NCAA season as a bonafide ROCKSTAR. Everyone will be tuning in to see Tom Crean and his new superstar – remember, Crean was the coach at Indiana University when Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller came through, both of whom went on to become top-5 draft picks.

Edwards is an athletic specimen, but is more of a well-rounded athlete than one that will ever be the best in the NBA in a certain facet. Edwards is a high flyer around the rim, and can easily get up for dunks when open or facing weak contests. He is also rather quick on his feet, and is almost always one of the quickest guys on the floor. This combines to create the incredibly powerful downhill force that is Edwards.

External References

Ben Rubin (The Stepien)

Ricky O’Donnell (SBNation)

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