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The Draft Class: Our First Month in Recap

On October 16th, 2019, we finally launched “The Draft Class,” filled with hope and excitement to build the foundation for what we envisioned would eventually become the world’s biggest home for basketball content from all different levels.

One month later, we find ourselves a few steps into the journey – not quite where we want to be, but far enough from the beginning that we can look back, be proud, and most of all, feel gratitude for the overwhelming support.

If you missed anything from The Draft Class in our first month, here are some of our best moments.

Viral Twitter Action

Our most popular content by far, with almost 16,000 likes and 6,000 retweets. Targeting the feeling of redemption and revival from the ashes shared by Laker fans was a genius move. Bravo, Andrew Northern. #WeTheNorthern

Not even a week after our launch, The Draft Class took #NBATwitter by STORM with an NBAvengers video that came in hot with over 11,000 likes and almost 4,000 retweets…not to mention comments and retweets by Twitter Sports, Shea Serrano, Kevin O’Connor, and Kristen Ledlow, just to name a few. Thus, the Legend of Andrew Northern was born.

Written Content

From some of our friends outside of The Draft Class (with a few from The Draft Class as well), we were able to acquire and throw this gem onto our website. This piece not only obtained the most views out of any written content on our site, but also was an absolutely fantastic and nostalgic piece of work. Quality over quantity? In this case, we’ll take both.

Posted on the day of our launch, this piece on the over/under predictions and spreads for the NBA Atlantic Division CASHED OUT! Props to our guy Chandler “Ca$h” Harper, who’s been at it every week with his predictions since our launch. If you haven’t started reading up yet, we just have to ask you one question: do you not like free money?

The Draft Class Podcast

Changing the “jump ball” to a shootout. 4-pointers in the last three minutes. 1-and-1’s in the NBA. This episode was FULL of crazy and wild proposals to change some of the NBA’s rules. Don’t lie, we know you haven’t heard this topic on a podcast before.

If you’ve listened this far, you know the drill by now: scalding hot takes followed by the crew ripping each other apart, with the only bright spot being Joe’s voluntary singing of the “hot takes” theme song. What you haven’t seen yet though, is the return of some of these NBA players that will be dubbed “heroes” or “villains,” respectively, by their former hometown fans.

Thank you.

And with that, we call an end to our short but awesome monthly recap. The past month has been such a blast for all of us at The Draft Class, and we’ve learned so much even in the one month of our existence. Of course, we’ve had many more highlights throughout the past month than simply those listed above, so make sure to check out our different outlets on Twitter (@_thedraftclass) and Instagram (@thedraftclass) as well as this website of course (

As always, let us know what you think with anything and everything we do. Whether you’re rolling over after watching our videos, nodding your head in agreement after reading our fantastic written pieces, or shaking your head in disgust while tuning in to our hot takes on the podcast, we value each and every opinion. The support and love we’ve gotten from all of you since our launch has been amazing, and we need to constantly learn and adjust in order to continuously build The Draft Class into what it is, but we’re ready for that, because learning, teaching and growing is a big part of what The Draft Class will always be about.

And with that, make sure to always #StayClassy.

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