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Chandler’s Gambling Corner: Week 5.5 Picks

Welcome back everyone, after hitting big for about two weeks, we’ve been relatively neutral as of late.  After going 3-2 earlier this week, we are now 15-18-1 and up $92.84. We are due for a big night!

Like always, all lines pulled from

Bet #1: San Antonio to cover the spread (-2) in Washington for -114 odds.  The Spurs are on a six-game losing streak, there is no way they lose again to the Wizards.  They are due. They are also a way better team and they have two great defenders they can put on Bradley Beal.  I expect them to break out of their funk and win big tonight.

Bet #2: Golden State to cover the spread (+14) in Dallas -110 odds.  Draymond Green is the only main player suiting up for the Warriors tonight, but this bet is based on statistics.  About 75% of the time this season there has been a double-digit spread, the underdog has covered. I do not expect the Mavericks to beat the Warriors by more than 15.  

Bet #3: Milwaukee to cover the spread in (-10.5) Atlanta for -115 odds.  This bet does go against the statistic I dropped in the last bet, however I think the Hawks don’t stand a chance against the Bucks.  They have absolutely no one to guard the Greek Freak. Eric Bledsoe should get to the basket at will against Trae Young, and he should do a decent job guarding him as well.  This one will get ugly.  

Bet #4: Houston money line over Denver for -102 odds.  The Rockets had their way with the Nuggets last year and I think they will win just fine tonight.  They have been the best offensive team all year, and as of late, their starting lineup has had the best defensive rating in the league.  Additionally, Nikola Jokic has always struggled to guard Clint Capela. I think the Rockets fast pace will tire out Jokic and I think this will force Denver into the mid-range a lot, which I am sure Jamal Murray, Will Barton, and others will do happily.  Despite Denver’s home court advantage, they have not fared well against Houston in the past, and I do not expect that to change tonight. 

Parlay #2 of the week: Milwaukee to cover the spread, San Antonio to cover, Houston money line, and Miami money line over Cleveland, resulting in a final payout of $759.19.  We are going big on the parlay tonight.  I love Milwaukee and San Antonio to cover and I love Houston and Miami to win.  Let’s get rich tonight.  

Chandler Harper
Former college basketball player at LaGrange College. NBA writer and basketball trainer.

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