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A Melo Man

Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA, and as crazy as it seems, his return was inevitable. In his prime, Anthony could score with the best of them; the issue is that he scores in an archaic fashion. 

Carmelo Anthony is an isolation scorer who thrives when being the focal point of an offense, and today’s NBA emphasizes ball movement, layups and three-pointers. This does not mean that Anthony’s return is doomed to fail, because he can definitely make this a great return. 

Anthony can become a spark plug on offense and thrive in the “sixth man” role off the bench. He’s Carmelo Anthony, hoodie Melo, three-to-the-dome Melo. 

He’s still one of the most talented basketball players on the planet and going against role players will benefit him greatly. Anthony can still be the focal point of the second unit offense and fill up the stat sheet (or he misses a lot of long range two-point shots and has no impact this season).

The Portland Trail Blazers are the perfect landing spot for him because their wings have not been great. Yes, stating that Mario Hezonja has been unproductive is my expert (or groundbreaking) analysis. However, going back on Anthony, he is instantly their second-best wing player after Kent Bazemore. That statement may say more about Portland’s offseason than Carmelo Anthony’s talent, but that offseason led to this.

Carmelo Anthony is a Trail Blazer now and can be their version of Lou Williams. I realize that sounds blasphemous because Lou is so good that Drake made a song about his “sixth man” exploits. However, Anthony is just as talented a scorer as Williams is and if he accepts the “sixth man” role, he can still be a lethal scorer. 

Additionally, the Blazers need some scoring punch that is not Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. Those two guys are very capable, but they need some room to breathe and some rest on the offensive end. Anthony can at least provide some relief when either Lillard or McCollum are on the bench.

Carmelo Anthony is arguably a top-five pure scorer in the history of basketball. His YouTube highlights were always a pleasure to watch and when he would catch fire, the man was nearly unstoppable. Hopefully, he dominates in his new role and shows those occasional flashes of brilliance, because the NBA is better with Carmelo Anthony in it. 

Antonio Salgado
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