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2K20 MyPlayer Build – The “Draymond Green Ain’t S*&t!”

The “Draymond Green Ain’t S*&t!” Build

Position: PF
Height: 6’7
Weight: 255lb
Wingspan: 87.6″ (7’3)

For class, we choose Shooting + Defense. This is one of the weakest in terms of extreme strengths (think of it as a color wheel, where shooting and defense are at opposite ends; for one to gain, the other must give) – however, it is one of the rarest and most desirable combination of skills in the modern NBA.

For athleticism, we choose Strength + Agility. These two traits have been key in allowing Draymond to thrive in the Warriors system and anchor what was for years an elite defense. He was always quick enough to switch out and guard on the perimeter, but was most adept as a help defender – using his incredible agility in concert with his prescient mind to make defensive plays not thought possible. Draymond’s strength is what allowed him to play heavy minutes as a center, defending the toughest the West has had. Combining the two creates a force like none other, both on offense and defense.

For attribute points, start from the bottom and work your way up:
1. Put all possible points into Defense.
2. Put all possible points into Playmaking, and then subtract four from Ball Handling.
3. Put all possible points into Shooting.
4. Put all remaining points into Driving Layup in Finishing.

Standard height for a PF is 6’9 – by lowering it, we lose a couple points in strength and interior defense (which we will make up with weight) and a couple in block. (which we make up for with wingspan) What we care about is the dramatic increases we see elsewhere.

Ball HandlePerimeter DLateral QuicknessSteal

We also see marginal benefits to our Pass Accuracy, Three-Point, Mid-Range, and FT shooting, and Driving Layups.

Standard weight for a PF is 218 – by increasing it to 255, we bump our Strength up from 82 to 92, and sacrifice only -4 points in Acceleration, and none in Speed. Even our Vertical, a mediocre but passable 57, only drops a single point. Meanwhile, our Lateral Quickness is dropped -3 points, but we do see our Interior Defense bump up +6 points to a passable 51.

The wingspan is where you can really make this build your own. The standard wingspan for a PF is 83.8″ – I recommend ramping that up to 87.6″, one tick mark down from the maximum wingspan. This allows your player to be a defensive force both blocking shots at the rim and getting in passing lanes to steal or deflect passes. While we do see our Steal and Block rise +2 and +3 to a grand total of 81 and 85 respectively, this does come at the cost of a -2 to our 3PT shot, as well as a -3 to Mid-Range shooting, bringing our totals to 75 and 76 respectively. I personally see the defensive advantages as worth the minor downgrade in shooting; when I tested this build, I did so at ratings in the 90’s, so of course at lower rankings this will not hold, but this player build was capable of hitting a hearty volume of difficult or somewhat contrived 3PT shots at a reasonable to phenomenal clip, depending on how seriously I was taking it.

However, if you are not the type of player that sees any point in playing defense, I would recommend dropping the wingspan to the minimum value. The rewards you will see in terms of shooting and ball handling will certainly be worthwhile.

As for your Takeover, you will have four options, given this is a dual-type build. I personally chose Glass Cleaner, as I believe it most exemplifies what this Draymond-esque build is all about – making an impact in the in-between game, where so few 2K players are able to dominate. The ones that do dominate in that area are virtually unstoppable, as opposing builds have no counter for such skills.

Other Takeovers that are available are:
Rim Protector: not a bad idea if you added the large wingspan and are adept at shot blocking. I personally tend to jump at guys so I didn’t want to tie myself to the Takeover.
Spot Up Shooter: again, if you are more offensively focused, this is the Takeover for you. As a PF, you are predominantly going to be in catch-and-shoot situations, and this Takeover boosts those types of shot more than any. If you plan to be draining three’s early and often, go with the Spot Up Shooter.
Playmaker: seems like an awfully strange Takeover for this build, but if you want to truly live the Draymond experience, this is the Takeover you should be using. While he has had success as a shooter at times, the passing and vision of Draymond has always been a huge part of anchoring the Warrior’s offense, and his unique physical build and mental makeup allows him to playmake unlike any other player in the league. I can’t say I myself will be using this Takeover, but I am certainly intrigued to see what this type of build could do in pick-and-roll situations with a willing and able passer at the guard spot.

The comparisons this build gets are awfully interesting. As I had hoped, Draymond Green did show up – although he was not the top match in terms of similarity. In fact, it was former Chicago Bull and (unfortunately) exiled former Knick, Charles Oakley! Not exactly a name I expected to see, but at 6’8, 230lb, he was a similarly sized player, who feasted on the defensive end and was capable on offense. Certainly an interesting comparison, and one worth researching further if you do decide to do this build. The third comparison I got was Jayson Tatum, which I gotta say seems a little outlandish, but really exemplifies how unique and rare this build is, even in the NBA. Bringing this build to the Park with even a decent rating is gonna open some eyes (and probably swat some shots!)

Final player attributes:

Close ShotDriving LayupDriving DunkStanding DunkPost Hook
Mid-Range ShootingThree-Point ShootingFree ThrowPost Fade
Pass AccuracyBall HandlePost Moves
Interior DPerimeter DLateral QuicknessStealBlockOffensive Reb.Defensive Reb.

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