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Magic Markelle

Markelle Fultz had a shoulder injury that he had no control over, but the kid was still criticized. He was called a bust, failure, the wrong pick and the list goes on. Fultz could only sit back and listen to everyone put him down during his darkest moments, but he seems to be doing okay. Admittedly, he is still not producing at the level expected of a number one pick, but he looks like an NBA player. 

Getting traded to Orlando was a blessing for the third-year guard. He moved away from the spotlight and pressure of the title-contending Philadelphia 76ers. 

However, there are still so many pressures that Fultz has faced that already make him a success. Markelle Fultz went from being a college kid to being a professional who was injured and could not do what he loved. Now, Fultz was making millions of dollars, and empathy for millionaires can be difficult to come by. However, Fultz was still a kid who suddenly lost the ability that made him the best basketball player at his high school, college, and in his draft class.

It seemed that he lost everything that made him who he was and would not get it back. Losing his identity had to be difficult for the young man. 

Fultz is already a human success story because he is playing basketball again. His story is representative of how fickle life can be. Things can change in an instant and all well laid plans can crumble suddenly. 

Fultz is still a kid in NBA terms and in terms of life because he is still college-aged. Hopefully, he still becomes the superstar worthy of the number one pick.

However, if he carves out a nice career as a solid starter or role player he will have nothing to be ashamed of. He looks to have accomplished the biggest goal already, and that is to play in the NBA. After not being able to lift his arms over his head, Markelle is reaching as high as he can now. 

Antonio Salgado
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