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Chandler’s Gambling Corner: Week 9 Picks

Welcome back degenerates, we’re about 25 games into the season and statistical anomalies are starting to normalize.  We are currently 20-27-1 and down $1144.67; you could say we’re on a cold streak. But I’m confident that with things normalizing, we will start to see better results.  

Like always, all lines pulled from

Bet #1: Milwaukee to cover (-11) against Dallas for -107 odds. The Mavericks are without Luka, so creating offense will be extremely tough without their engine against the Bucks’ extreme length.  I think the Bucks will generate offense easily and hold the Mavs to a poor offensive performance.  

Bet #2: Miami to cover (-5) in Memphis for -108 odds.  This is a simple one, the Heat are the far superior team and they are very disciplined.  I think this line is set to low and the Heat should win easy.  

Bet #3: Houston to cover (9.5) against San Antonio for -116 odds.  The Rockets are going to want this game bad after the dunk that did not count last time these two teams matched up.  On top of that, Russell Westbrook has looked great since his dislocated fingers have healed over the last five games.  But my favorite reason to take this bet is the math, the Rockets fire up the most threes in the league and the Spurs fire up the most mid-rangers, the math says to take the Rockets 10/10 times here.

Bet #4: 

Parlay of the week: Miami to cover, Milwaukee money line, and the Pistons money line (-225), resulting in a final payout of $317.93.  Miami should have no problems covering. Milwaukee should win no question, but we’re going to switch to the money line for more security.  Lastly, I do not expect Washington to be able to handle the Detroit frontcourt, plus the Pistons have been good with Blake Griffin.  

Chandler Harper
Former college basketball player at LaGrange College. NBA writer and basketball trainer.

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