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The Tip Off – December 15, 2019 Recap

Miss your NBA fix last night? In three minutes or less, TDC’s The Tip Off gives you the brief rundown of the standout stat lines, exciting finishes and some rarities that went down on the hardwood last night. On a busy evening where you miss the live action and/or the scintillating thrill of NBA Twitter scrolling, we have done the work for you and compiled notable lines and events.

Spend three minutes reading this every day to keep up with the Association and have enough knowledge and nuggets to be in the loop with casual fans as well as the ability to toss out a few specific stats and oddities an avid fan may have missed.

B-ball Date: 12/15/2019 as reported by Sam Shin, video by Jerin Varghese

Honor Roll

  • A day after watching his son Bronny play in a game against his alma mater, LeBron James brought the fire to Atlanta, pouring in 32 PTS (12/21 FG), 13 REBS, 7 ASTS, 1 STL, and 3 BLKS in the Lakers’ narrow 101-96 victory over the relentless Hawks.
  • On the opposite end of the floor, Trae Young did his best to give the Hawks a chance, dropping 30 PTS, 6 REBS, 7 ASTS, and 2 STLS. He wasn’t quite “Ice Trae” enough, as the Lakers still escaped with a win.
  • Holiday Season: This holiday season is certainly meant for Jrue Holiday, who did his best to give the Orlando Magic a tough time on Sunday night, posting 29 PTS (12/20 FG, 4/7 3PT), 4 REBS, 8 ASTS, 1 STL, and 1 BLK. Unfortunately for Jrue, the Magic are not on the “nice” list, and thrashed the Pelicans 130-119 in a game that the Pelicans were probably not going to win from the beginning.
  • The minivan is jolting full-speed ahead now. You know who we’re talking about if you’ve been reading The Tip Off. It’s Nikola Jokic, who continued his resurgence with another fantastic performance: 25 PTS (10/22 FG), 10 REBS, 5 ASTS, 1 STL, and 1 BLK as the Nuggets beat the Knicks 111-105. That minivan is no joke.

Quirks of the Night

  • Despite forcing the Sacramento Kings to turn the ball over 29 times, the Golden State Warriors still lost the game by 21 points in a 100-79 blowout. By losing such a game, the Warriors become the first team since, wait for it…the Golden State Warriors of 2001, to lose a game by 20+ while forcing at least 29 turnovers. That game in 2001 was against the Utah Jazz, a game in which the Warriors lost by a very similar score of 100-78.

Needs Improvement

  • Every young player that comes into the league seems to encounter a few learning curves here and there, and that specific moment seemed to come on Sunday night for Cam Reddish. Not only did he shoot 3/10 from the floor and 1/6 from deep, but he missed a wide-open, potential game-tying three with a few seconds left in the game against the Lakers.
  • After David Fizdale’s firing in New York, another coach had to take the mantle and claim the throne we call the “hot seat.” On Sunday night, it seemed like Alvin Gentry was the man, as he was quite literally on a “hot seat,” earning two technicals in a 30-second span, resulting in an ejection and some not-so-PG-13 words hurled at the referees.
  • Let’s stay on the Pelicans here for a second: another loss to the Magic meant a franchise-record 12th straight loss. A season that began with high expectations and a hashtag of #Won’tBowDown continues to slip further and further down the drain, meaning by the end of the season they’ll be at #SlightlyKneeling or #FullyLayingDown.

NBA Twitter Table Talk

  • I refuse to believe I am the same species as LeBron James. If you believe in extraterrestrials, here’s one for you: a physical specimen that has four eyes, two in front and two on the back of his head, and a fully-powered machine-like body that continues to push other bodies around at age 34. This stuff is real, people. You tell me how he sees Dwight coming:
  • Spencer Dinwiddie’s last name sounds like the sound I would yell from the bench if I was sitting there watching this dunk:
  • Markelle Fultz taught Jrue Holiday a lesson or two as Holiday committed the cardinal sin of reaching in the cookie jar. 
  • An unnamed source told us that LeBron James preferred laundry cycle is “heavy spin”:

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