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The Tip Off – December 18, 2019 Recap

Miss your NBA fix last night? In three minutes or less, TDC’s The Tip Off gives you the brief rundown of the standout stat lines, exciting finishes and some rarities that went down on the hardwood last night. On a busy evening where you miss the live action and/or the scintillating thrill of NBA Twitter scrolling, we have done the work for you and compiled notable lines and events.

Spend three minutes reading this every day to keep up with the Association and have enough knowledge and nuggets to be in the loop with casual fans as well as the ability to toss out a few specific stats and oddities an avid fan may have missed.

B-ball Date: 12/18/2019 as reported by Aram Hanessian, video by Joe Tevelowitz

Honor Roll

  • With the Thunder acquiring Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in the Paul George trade and getting CP3 back for Westbrook, Dennis Schroder has been shifted into bench scorer role and it’s working for him. He’s at a career high in eFG% (52.9%) and OKC is 13.5 points per 100 possessions better with him on the floor per Cleaning the Glass. Schroder kept it up last night with 31 points on 10/19 shooting and 7 assists in the Thunder’s 126-122 win over the Grizzlies.
  • Serge Ibaka has also been moved to the bench and it’s not going so well. His usage is way up and his shooting percentages are way down. With Marc Gasol going down early last night, Ibaka took advantage of his opportunity.  In a season-high 31 minutes, he had 25 points and 13 boards, 7 offensive, in the Raptors 112-99 win in Detroit. Also a shout out to Kyle Lowry, who chipped in with a 20/10/10 triple double.  
  • The Nuggets were down 15 at the half before going on a 24-0 run early in the third quarter en route to a 113-104 win over the Magic.  The comeback was keyed by Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic. Murray had 33 points on 11/19 shooting and Jokic put up 18 points, 12 assists, and 9 boards. 
  • The Brandon Ingram contract year push is in full swing as he’s currently setting career highs in numerous categories, such as eFG%, rebound rate, assist rate and block rate. Last night he continued his strong start to the season with 34 points on 12/22 shooting as the Pelicans beat the Wolves 107-99. 
  • It was a record setting night at Baylor as Juicy Landrum went 14/23 from three to set a new NCAA Women’s basketball record for threes made in a game as the Lady Bears topped Arkansas State 111-43. Landrum was 1 point shy of equaling the entire Red Wolves scoring total, as she finished with 42 and added 7 assists and 8 boards. 

Quirks of the Night

  • One of the things I do when looking for Quirks of the Night is look at the Cleaning the Glass game summary and check for outliers. So when I see something in the 100th or 0th (0st?) percentile, I enter it into the Basketball Reference Play Index and see how frequently it actually happens. Well, this is super random, but last night the Cavs were in the 100th percentile in offensive rebound rate (45.9%), and the bottom percentile in turnover rate (27.8%). Turns out no team in NBA history has ever gone over 47% and 27% respectively in the same game. History!  
  • I’m struggling to figure out if this is merely really rare or hasn’t happened in many years-rare, but the Nuggets have had nobody commit more than 2 fouls in consecutive games. 
  • Speaking of consecutive games, OKC fell behind 24 for the second game in a row.  And for the second game in a row, they came back to win.  That’s the first time that has happened in at least 20 years. 

Needs Improvement

  • OH ED MOLLOY! Molloy and crew were absolutely horrible at the end of regulation in the Chicago/Washington game. First, they fell for complete foul-drawing BS when Zach LaVine jumped straight into Davis Bertans, even elbowing Bertans in the neck, with the Bulls 3 and 6 seconds left. Then down 2 with under a second left, the Bulls ran a play that was basically just sandwich Isaac Bonga near the basket and hope something goes right. They got bailed out with another foul call, LaVine hit both free throws and the Bulls won in OT. I can’t let the Wizards off the hook here though, blowing an 18 point lead in the 4th quarter and a 12 point lead in the last 3:40 could use some improvement too.
  • As noted above, Jamal Murray had a huge game, when you commit a 3-shot foul on a 60-foot heave to end a quarter and score on your own basket in the same game, you wind up here. 
  • Jordan Poole hates the holiday season (December) update: 3/44 from the field, 3/21 from 3, 1.8 ppg, .3 rpg, 1 apg. 

NBA Twitter Table Talk                                   

  • It’s kind of a walk, it’s kind of a Dirk ripoff, but it went in. 
  • Could have put the absolutely insane St. Mary’s/Arizona St. college game in any of these categories really.  St. Mary’s won by 40, 96-56 so Honor Roll to them and Needs Improvement for the Sun Devils. But what really made this game so crazy was the ASU side of the box score.  They played 12 guys, 9 of whom didn’t score, the starters combined for 13 points, and coming off the bench to play 36 minutes and score 43(!!!!!!) points was Alonzo Verge Jr. 
  • Imagine how good LeBron would have been and would be if KG and the Celtics hadn’t “broke” him in 2012 right before he won the first of his three titles. 

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