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Ben Simmons: Does He Need to Change?

To start off, let’s note that Ben Simmons doesn’t shoot three-pointers, which is a pretty under-the-radar trend in his career (sarcasm, of course). Simmons is an amazing player that can control a game like few in the NBA can, and is also an other-worldly playmaker and defender. 

Whenever Simmons puts his head down and attacks the basket or runs down the open floor, good things happen. The kid has incredible vision and makes the right basketball play almost all of the time.

So, what is with the insistence to continuously rag on him because he doesn’t shoot three-pointers? The logic is that if Simmons shot threes, he would be basically unstoppable; Well, if Shaquille O’Neal made free throws he would have been unstoppable too.

Simmons may need to improve his three-point shooting or at least have more of a willingness to take three-pointers, but even without three-pointers he is still a great player. 

Perhaps there is too much of a focus on what he can be and not on what he is. Simmons has so far lived up to the billing of a number one overall pick. 

Ben Simmons is following the trajectory of leading his team to the playoffs and is getting better every year. Yes, he is not adding the outside shot to his game, but he plays some pretty good basketball — to say the least.

It’s almost a known fact that Simmons is going to be a major player in the NBA for years to come. There is some clunkiness to his game in crunch time because of his shooting, but regardless, he can still be a dominant player in the clutch.

Surround Simmons with shooters and off-ball cutters, and a basketball nirvana is born. Simmons surrounded by shooters and slashers means that if there is an open man, he will likely find them. 

There’s also the fact that Simmons can contain the opposing team’s best player because of his elite defense. He can essentially guard all the elite swing men and guards in the NBA. 

Ben Simmons does not shoot three-pointers, but maybe he doesn’t need to shoot three-pointers. Maybe, his basketball genius needs to be supported even more, and maybe we need to just give him an opportunity to flourish with what he does best all over the court.

Simmons might just need to be given the keys to the car. 

Antonio Salgado
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