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TDC NBA Re-Draft: Philadelphia 76ers Draft Breakdown

NOTE: This is a series of articles written by individual authors, both in and out of The Draft Class. These are all part of The Draft Class’ NBA Re-Draft, in which all of the current 30 NBA teams are represented and will undergo a simulation through NBA 2K20, with the goal to build the best team over the next five years. All teams have already been formed through the snake draft. These pieces will break down why each team’s representative drafted the way they did, as well as the approach the representative had heading into the draft.

GM: Kyle Wright (@k_wrizzy)

My focus with my #1 pick (11th overall) was to go with the best player on the board, and ironically that pick for my Philadelphia 76ers squad ended up being none other than Joel Embiid. One of the most dominant post players and defenders in the league (and only 26), Embiid will be my cornerstone and anchor. 

From there, my strategy was to do what Philly has failed to do in real life – give Embiid space to operate. In my backcourt I have Jrue Holiday (29), a capable shooter and strong defender who will form a formidable 1-2 with Embiid, as well as Buddy Hield (27), an elite shooter who can also create for himself. Rounding out my starting five is Joe Ingles (32), a little older but still a solid shooter/scorer who adds a little playmaking, and Nemanja Bjelica (31), a 6’10” PF who is a great floor spacer and can operate out of the pick and roll; Bjelica should also prove to be a solid pairing next to Embiid. 

Filling out my bench are: Rui Hachimura (22), Rodney Hood (27), Emmanuel Mudiay (24), Ben McLemore (27), and Meyers Leonard (28). This group should be solid, allowing me lineup versatility as well as some youth that hopefully will progress over the course of the next five years. 

Overall, while my team will have its defensive struggles and lacks a little size on the wings, I’m banking on the combo of Holiday/Embiid to provide a stable floor. Offensively the team might be a little lacking in real scoring pop/depth from an individual perspective, but the group should be fluid, efficient, and versatile. With a young superstar in Embiid and a group that should get even better as the years go by, it’s looking like it’s going to be fun times for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

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