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TDC NBA Re-Draft: Toronto Raptors Draft Breakdown

NOTE: This is a series of articles written by individual authors, both in and out of The Draft Class. These are all part of The Draft Class’ NBA Re-Draft, in which all of the current 30 NBA teams are represented and will undergo a simulation through NBA 2K20, with the goal to build the best team over the next five years. All teams have already been formed through the snake draft. These pieces will break down why each team’s representative drafted the way they did, as well as the approach the representative had heading into the draft.

GM: Coach Kristian Palotie (@CoachPalotie)

Crunch time 5: Eric BledsoeKlay ThompsonKhris MiddletonMarcus MorrisDraymond Green

Big minutes rotation players: Tim Hardaway Jr.Marc Gasol

Low minutes rotation players: Avery BradleyTrevor ArizaNerlens Noel

The Toronto Raptors were in an unfavorable position drafting 29th and quickly realized that their only way to be competitive was to draft players that fit around each other and were of similar age.

In addition, the GM felt there was value to be found in the later rounds with two-way players that, although not the greatest shooters, are still decent enough 3-point bombers that they can’t be left completely alone. Mainly, however, Toronto tried to fill its team with high IQ players who can play in various tactical ways defensively, don’t dominate the ball offensively and can either go small (with Green at center), a perimeter big (Gasol) or a rim rolling big (Noel — designed to play in a lineup with Bledsoe off the floor).

Unfortunately, outside of Bledsoe, the team was unable to land any legitimate on-ball advantage creators. The Toronto Raptors’ GM acknowledges he messed up badly with his (near consecutive) 7th and 8th round selections (Gasol and Noel) and should’ve picked an advantage creating guard with one of said picks.

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