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Stockton Trivia (#1): 2019-2020 NBA Leaders

I don’t know about you, but I love me some trivia. I could participate in trivia all day for hours on end (and often have, as my Sporcle browser history would reveal). I also like basketball. When you put the two together, you are definitely speaking my language. I have decided to put them together myself and compiled a set of 12 questions that allows you to take Stock(ton) of your basketball knowledge. The perfect score is a full Stockton – in honor of the best #12 to play in the Association. Good luck and enjoy.

Category: 2019-20 Leaders


1 Which player led the NBA in points per game (PPG)?

2 Which player led the NBA in assists per game (APG)?

3 Which team had the longest winning streak?


4 Which player(s) scored 60+ points in a game?

5 Which two teams played in the highest scoring game?

6 Which player led the NBA in 3PT%?


7 Which player scored the most points off the bench in a game?

8 Which player led the NBA in total minutes played?

9 Which team had the most blocks in a game?

Hall of Fame

10 Which player led the NBA in Free Throw percentage?

11 Which player led the NBA in personal fouls?

12 How many qualified players shot 40% or above from 3?


1 James Harden (34.4)

2 LeBron James (10.6)

3 Milwaukee Bucks (18)

4 Damian Lillard (60 & 61) & James Harden (60)

5 Houston @ Washington (159-158)

6 George Hill (48.0)

7 Buddy Hield, 42 (vs MN)

8 Tobias Harris (2243)

9 Lakers – 20! (vs. DET) next closest was 14

10 Brad Wanamaker (.931)

11 Dillon Brooks (246 – 3.8 per game)

12 24


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Thank you Basketball Reference for providing the content for the majority of these answers.

Sam Johnson

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