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TDC NBA Re-Draft: Houston Rockets Draft Breakdown

NOTE: This is a series of articles written by individual authors, both in and out of The Draft Class. These are all part of The Draft Class’ NBA Re-Draft, in which all of the current 30 NBA teams are represented and will undergo a simulation through NBA 2K20, with the goal to build the best team over the next five years. All teams have already been formed through the snake draft. These pieces will break down why each team’s representative drafted the way they did, as well as the approach the representative had heading into the draft.

GM: Chandler Harper (@ChanNBAthots)

As GM of the Houston Rockets, I had the 13th pick to start. I was basically picking in the middle every round. I did not expect to be able to grab a good enough win-now player with this pick, so my goal was to construct a young team that is a great fit and will be a problem in the future. The choice for my first pick was between Ben Simmons and Trae Young. Ultimately, I chose Simmons for the challenge of building the team around him. 

After Simmons, I knew my next pick had to be someone who can play off-ball successfully, but also be able to get a shot in the half-court. I wanted to take Kemba Walker, but he was grabbed right before my second pick, so I ended up with Malcolm Brogdon. I was still very happy with that pick, as Brogdon is younger and gives me another important cog to what could be a very good defense with him and Simmons. With the next pick, I wanted another player who could shoot and get a shot in the half-court, as I knew my options were going to get weaker soon; as a result, I chose Devonte’ Graham.

Because of Simmons’ versatility, I could basically take any front-court position with this next pick. Once again, I wanted shooting at this spot, and so I ended up taking Cam Reddish. He gives me more shooting, more defensive versatility, and some secondary creation.

From this point on, I added lot of young wings who could potentially see their ceilings met in our style of play. Those picks included: Sekou Doumbouya, Kyle Anderson, and Kevin Knox. The other picks I made were also all players who were young and fit our style of play. These picks included: Goga Bitadze, Frank Jackson, and Gorgui Dieng

This team will likely start Graham, Brogdon, Reddish, Simmons, and Dieng.  This gives us three legit shooters around Simmons, and one other willing shooter. All perimeter players are also capable of running in transition and running a pick-and-roll in the half-court. We will utilize Ben Simmons as a short-roll guy in the half-court, and he will play a similar role to Draymond Green.

This team will have plenty of half-court options, but our goal will be to use the length of Brogdon, Reddish, and Simmons to force turnovers so we can run in transition. We also have the power to run out five wing lineups that feature one of Simmons or Brogdon running the point, plenty of shooting, and plenty of defensive versatility.  

At the end of the day, this roster construction maximizes a lot of our players’ strengths. Simmons has shooters and athletes around him. Brogdon has space for half-court actions and the opportunity to attack close outs in the half-court. The other athletes/non-shooters also will have plenty of space to operate, likely bringing out the best in them. In a few years when some of the younger players have experience, this team could be very dangerous.

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