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Stockton Trivia (#2): 1998 Chicago Bulls

I don’t know about you, but I love me some trivia. I could participate in trivia all day for hours on end (and often have, as my Sporcle browser history would reveal). I also like basketball. When you put the two together, you are definitely speaking my language. I have decided to put them together myself and compile a set of 12 questions that allows you to take Stock(ton) of your basketball knowledge. The perfect score is a full Stockton – in honor of the best #12 to play in the Association. Good luck and enjoy.

Category: 1997-98 Bulls


1 Which player led the NBA in points per game (PPG) in the playoffs?

2 Which player hit a game-winner with under a second to play against the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals?

3 What was the only team that Chicago didn’t beat in the regular season?


4 Which player was third on the Bulls in points per game (playoffs & regular season)?

5 Which team did the Bulls play in round one of the playoffs?

6 Chicago was forced to 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals. How many other Game 7’s did they play in their title-run years?


7 What was Michael Jordan’s salary in 1997-98?

8 Besides MJ, two other players were named both All-NBA 1st Team and 1st team All-Defense in the 1997-98  season. Name one.

9 Including Chicago, an all-time NBA high 4 teams won 60+ games that season. Who were the other three?

Hall of Fame

10 What single game (post-merger – 1976) team record that still stands today did the Bulls set in the Finals?

11 MJ scored a 1998-playoff-high in the decisive Game 6 of the Finals to secure Chicago’s 6th championship. How many points did he score?

12 Michael played all 82 games – while averaging 38.8 minutes – in his final Bulls season. In how many seasons in his career did Jordan play all 82 games? 


1 Michael Jordan (32.4)

2 Reggie Miller – Game 4

3 Utah Jazz

4 Toni Kukoc (13.3)

5 New Jersey (3-0 sweep)

6 One (Knicks 1991-92)

7 $33m (The salary cap was $26.9m!)

8 Gary Payton/Karl Malone

9 LA Lakers, Seattle, Utah

10 Least points allowed in a playoff game (54 – Game 3 vs Utah)

11 45

12 9 times, including his age 39 final season (Wizards)


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Thank you Basketball Reference for providing the content for the majority of these answers.

Sam Johnson

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