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The Top 10 “WTF” Moments of 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 NBA season has been full of weird moments, punctuated by the Rudy Gobert fiasco and the season subsequently being postponed. As we wait for the season to return, we take a look at some of the hilarious, weird, and head-scratching moments throughout the season so far – in no particular order.

10.  Family Feud

Nothing better than a father-son moment on the court, right? This might be an all-time family moment on an NBA court, as Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers was issued a technical foul during a game against the Houston Rockets – ultimately leading to his ejection thereafter. However, the player clamoring to the refs to give Doc a technical foul was none other than his own son, Austin Rivers. The Houston guard could then be seen celebrating his efforts and motioning to his dad to call him after the game; I think it’s safe to say that no one was in a celebratory mood at the Rivers’ household during the holidays.

9. Bench Shenanigans

All I can say here is, what the hell is going on?

8. Dunk Debate

I’m not sure of the last time I saw anything like this. During a game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Rockets, James Harden stole a pass and went up for what would seem like a normal, uncontested dunk. The only problem was, he dunked it so hard that the ball ended up spinning back up and hitting the back rim, making it seem like the dunk had rimmed in and out. For a second, Harden seemed to think that was the case as well, running back after the rebound, only to motion to the refs once the ball was out of bounds that the dunk had gone in. After some confusion, the dunk ended up not counting. Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni was absolutely heated, and in looking at the replay, it’s a wonder how the refs missed that one.

7. Early Ejection

Ask yourself, what did I just watch? Well, what you just watched was the quickest ejection in an NBA game since 2002. Less than two minutes into the game, Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony and Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas got tangled up in what seemed to be a jump ball. However, once IT got the ball, he seemed to take an extra step towards referee Marat Kogut and shoved Kogut in the chest, prompting Kogut to make the quick ejection. Was it just momentum from being tangled up with Melo, or was it really, as they called it, a “hostile act towards an official”?

6. What in the world, Kyle Lowry?

We’ve heard of players jumping over others on dunks and sliding under each other to draw charges, but…crawling under someone? This move looks more like what a 5 year old would attempt rather than a 13-year NBA vet.

5. This Is How Grown Men Fight

This is one of those situations where, when you watch it, you don’t know whether to raise your eyebrows or just laugh – it’s just that ridiculous. Justin Anderson decides to get all up in the grill of Marcus Morris, who promptly responds by hitting Anderson in the head with a ball; no, not by throwing it, but literally just by smacking him in the head with the ball! Is this really how grown men fight?

4. Lockdown Defense

In one of the most bizarre displays of defense, Collin Sexton is caught between two players: Serge Ibaka and Norman Powell. While we’ve seen indecision and hesitation on the defensive end before, what Sexton did almost just looked like a player was glitching out in an NBA 2K game. If you were wondering why the Cavs are in the bottom tier of the league in defense, this play is your answer.

3. Ex-Teammate Drama

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, right? For whatever reason, Tristan Thompson decides to smack Jae Crowder’s behind while Crowder is walking to the bench – and Crowder has none of it. While the two were former teammates with the Cavs, it seems like those days have been forgotten for Crowder.

2. Zion Falling Asleep

The bench is certainly one place to fall asleep…

1. Harden & Hart

This one is probably my favorite moment of the season so far out of all the bizarre ones listed.. What makes this play so much more than just James Harden slamming the ball into his own face is Josh Hart’s reaction to the play, which has become a common GIF used in a variety of  situations. There’s really no explanation needed for this one – just enjoy it.

Samuel "Shinsanity" Shin
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