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Stockton Trivia (#4): Jordan’s Shadow

I don’t know about you, but I love me some trivia. I could participate in trivia all day for hours on end (and often have, as my Sporcle browser history would reveal). I also like basketball. When you put the two together, you are definitely speaking my language. I have decided to put them together myself and compile a set of 12 questions that allows you to take Stock(ton) of your basketball knowledge. The perfect score is a full Stockton – in honor of the best #12 to play in the Association. This might be a strange thought but what would the basketball world have looked like had Michael not come along and dominated for over a decade? See how many runner-up’s and near-winners you can remember from the Jordan years.

Good luck and enjoy.

Category: Jordan’s Shadow


1-4 Name four of the five teams that Michael Jordan’s Bulls defeated in the Finals.


5-7 Name three of the five players that finished 2nd to Michael Jordan in MVP voting.


8-11 Name the four players who finished runner-up to Michael Jordan for the scoring title (PPG) in a given season throughout his career?

Hall of Fame

12 Who finished runner-up to Michael Jordan for Defensive Player of the Year (1988)?


1-4 Jazz (twice), Trail Blazers, Sonics, Lakers, Suns

5-7 Larry Bird (1988) Magic Johnson (1991) Clyde Drexler (1992) David Robinson (1996) Karl Malone (1998)

8-11 Dominique Wilkins (1987,88,93) Karl Malone (1989,90,91,92,97) Hakeem Olajuwon (1996) Shaquille O’Neal (1998)

12 Mark Eaton


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Thank you Basketball Reference for providing the content for the majority of these answers.

Sam Johnson

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