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WNBA CBA Breakdown: Sabrina Ionescu & The Rookie Scale

Does anything need to be changed with the way WNBA rookie-scale contracts are set up?

Changing of the Guard

Change is something that is inevitable. Without change, life would be nothing but incessant stagnation. The Boston Celtics know a lot about change. Their players have changed, their coaches have changed, even their court has changed. But the most poignant change involves their guard position.

Locking In?

Jaylen Brown’s decision to sign a four year-$115 million extension, was the talk of Monday afternoon coffee breaks, especially in Beantown. Many felt that his overall career performance thus far didn’t warrant a hefty future pay-day. NBA Twitter went as far as to claim Brown “finessed” Danny Ainge.

Bag Before Beliefs?

It’s no secret that the NBA is currently embroiled in constant crisis control with the Chinese government. Who would have thought in 2019, the NBA would become an enemy of the Chinese people? Normally, when a situation like this develops, there’s a smoking gun….a catalyst behind the explosion of press and politics. In this case, the smoking gun is a computer genius with an MBA from MIT….