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Chandler’s Gambling Corner: Stocks Rising/Falling

We’re starting to learn more about the teams around the league. Which teams are rising and which are falling?

Should the Pelicans Keep Brandon Ingram?

The Pelicans need to embrace the process. Well, their own version of it. They are already light-years ahead because they have the best decision maker, who also happens to be the best at winning the lottery ever, in David Griffin. Because of their most recent lottery win, the Pelicans already have the most important piece, Zion Williamson — the star you can build around.

Chandler’s Gambling Corner: Week 9 Picks

Welcome back degenerates, we’re about 25 games into the season and statistical anomalies are starting to normalize.  We are currently 20-27-1 and down $1144.67; you could say we’re on a cold streak. But I’m confident that with things normalizing, we will start to see better results.   Like always, all lines pulled from Bet #1: Milwaukee to cover (-11) against Dallas for -107 odds. The Mavericks are without Luka, so creating offense will be extremely tough without their engine against the Bucks’ extreme length.  I think the Bucks will generate offense easily and hold the Mavs to a poor offensive performance.   Bet #2: Miami to cover (-5) in Memphis for -108 odds.  This is a simple one, the Heat are the far superior