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Get Excited

Seven NBA teams will allow reduced crowds inside their arenas for the 2020-21 NBA season. Meanwhile, I have not allowed a friend in my home in over nine months. That leads to the duality of feelings as this season opens – happiness to watch basketball again, mixed with the fatigue of this pandemic-caused quarantine. For a short while, the NBA shut down the same way I shut down. Now they open, while things on my home front still remain closed, for now. Hope is around the corner, sure, but Christmas Day will come with games to watch, but no extended family to watch those games with. A small complaint in a year filled with bigger issues.

Thanksgiving Feast

As we begin the Thanksgiving holiday, it felt appropriate to look at the delightful meals we will share and compare them to the delightful basketball players we have enjoyed watching ball. All player-food comparisons are made in the most respectful and analytical way possible. So, here’s why LeBron James is the turkey…

The Town That Won’t Bow Down

There’s a certain resiliency in New Orleans. There has to be, in a city so decimated by mother nature that locals and transplants alike still refer to places as “pre-Katrina” and “post-Katrina.” Reminders of the chaos come no bigger than the Superdome, home to tens of thousands during Hurricane Katrina. And in its shadow, the Smoothie King Center, home to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Delle Donne Embraces Championship

Game 5 of the WNBA Championship ended as regular season MVP Elena Delle Donne dropped the basketball carelessly to the court, searching to hug a teammate and celebrate her and the Mystics’ first WNBA Championship. Even with the WNBA Finals relegated to ESPN 2, anyone with an interest in the league and the sport who witnessed this crowning moment and knew any of Elena Delle Donne’s path there would feel that same sense of epic closure.