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Make The End of The Season Count With Draft Reform

Tired of watching NBA teams tanking for better lottery odds? One simple fix will end that, bringing excitement back to the end of the NBA season!

The Collective Bargaining Agreement: Leverage

The League does not agree to give the players fifty percent of Basketball Related Income because it is the right thing to do: it does so because the Players Association forces it to. The Players Association does not agree to extra playoff games in the early rounds because of the soundness of the League’s explanation: it agrees because it must.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement: The Proposals

As the League and Players Association formally meet for the second time, the horse-trading is set to begin. What does each side need, and what will they pay for it? What will each side refuse to give, and what will they pay for that refusal? It starts with package proposals, presented with eloquent, detailed, powerful explanations — explanations that end up being mostly meaningless.