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Kyrie Irving: Be Proud and Be a Leader…When You’re Ready

Brooklyn Nets’ superstar point guard Kyrie Irving speaks often of having an impact beyond the game. This may be his chance.

Opening Night Communications

As Opening Night of the 2020-21 NBA season tipped off, Sam Johnson and Joe Tevelowitz engaged in an email back-and-forth to discuss the games, the league and the presentation. What follows is that conversation.

Get Excited

Seven NBA teams will allow reduced crowds inside their arenas for the 2020-21 NBA season. Meanwhile, I have not allowed a friend in my home in over nine months. That leads to the duality of feelings as this season opens – happiness to watch basketball again, mixed with the fatigue of this pandemic-caused quarantine. For a short while, the NBA shut down the same way I shut down. Now they open, while things on my home front still remain closed, for now. Hope is around the corner, sure, but Christmas Day will come with games to watch, but no extended family to watch those games with. A small complaint in a year filled with bigger issues.