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5 Things Lakers Must Fix Entering 2020

The Lakers have found a lot of success heading into 2020. What are some things they need to clean up?

Should the Pelicans Keep Brandon Ingram?

The Pelicans need to embrace the process. Well, their own version of it. They are already light-years ahead because they have the best decision maker, who also happens to be the best at winning the lottery ever, in David Griffin. Because of their most recent lottery win, the Pelicans already have the most important piece, Zion Williamson — the star you can build around.

Locking In?

Jaylen Brown’s decision to sign a four year-$115 million extension, was the talk of Monday afternoon coffee breaks, especially in Beantown. Many felt that his overall career performance thus far didn’t warrant a hefty future pay-day. NBA Twitter went as far as to claim Brown “finessed” Danny Ainge.