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WNBA CBA Breakdown: Sabrina Ionescu & The Rookie Scale

Does anything need to be changed with the way WNBA rookie-scale contracts are set up?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement: What is Negotiated?

What are the League and the Players Association allowed to bargain, and what will those proposals look like? Each party has done its survey, both formal and informal. They have reviewed the CBA, previous proposals, and grievances. That information gets inputted into a sophisticated algorithm, and concludes…the Players Association wants more money, and the League does not want to give it to them.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement: What is it and Where Does it Come From?

NOTE: This is the first in a series of articles about collective bargaining in the NBA. We often hear about the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement when issues arise with contracts, trades, lockouts, strikes and player disciplinary proceedings. This series seeks to enhance understanding by providing context to the creation and implementation of the governing document between the NBA and the Players Association. At least a dozen people sit in a hotel conference room on opposite sides of a table. Lawyers, Chief Negotiators, and negotiating teams -- comprised of players on one side and management from a handful of the league’s 30 teams on the other -- jockey for the most powerful seats. All because of a document called a Collective Bargaining