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The Promising Future and Intriguing Present of the Dallas Mavericks

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Dallas Mavericks are tied for third in the Western Conference with a 6-3 record. They are a young team with a very bright future and they happen to be an absolute joy to watch. With teams like the Pelicans, Warriors, and Kings all struggling in the early stages of the season, Dallas has a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.


Chandler’s Gambling Corner: NBA Southwest Division Over/Under Predictions

The Southwest division has a bet I really like and a lot of very-well placed lines. Houston under Mike D’Antoni has won 55, 65, and 53, respectively in his time in Houston. They have a pretty high-floor. After factoring in the Rockets winning 53 games last year in what was pretty close to a worst-case scenario based on their slow start and injury plagued season, plus other factors discussed below, I am very confident in their over. The other teams all have very-well placed lines. I expect all of them to finish right around them and it might come down to trying to predict who will have the best injury luck.