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Chandler’s Gambling Corner: NBA Southwest Division Over/Under Predictions

The Southwest division has a bet I really like and a lot of very-well placed lines. Houston under Mike D’Antoni has won 55, 65, and 53, respectively in his time in Houston. They have a pretty high-floor. After factoring in the Rockets winning 53 games last year in what was pretty close to a worst-case scenario based on their slow start and injury plagued season, plus other factors discussed below, I am very confident in their over. The other teams all have very-well placed lines. I expect all of them to finish right around them and it might come down to trying to predict who will have the best injury luck.

Daryl Morey’s Tweet and the First Amendment

The NBA has been rocked by a simple, short tweet by Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey: “Fight for freedom; stand with Hong Kong.” Americans place the highest value on freedom of expression and speech, and the recent reaction to the tweet has been entwined with discussion of the First Amendment. The natural, but too often unasked question is, “How does the First Amendment apply in the employment world?”

Bag Before Beliefs?

It’s no secret that the NBA is currently embroiled in constant crisis control with the Chinese government. Who would have thought in 2019, the NBA would become an enemy of the Chinese people? Normally, when a situation like this develops, there’s a smoking gun….a catalyst behind the explosion of press and politics. In this case, the smoking gun is a computer genius with an MBA from MIT….